• Mike McGhan – Co-Founder and Chairman, has over 30 years’ experience in Gas Compression and was co-founder and CEO of Hanover Compressor in 1990 (now Exterran ) and Valerus Compression Services in 2004. Under his direction, both companies grew to be the two largest global providers of natural gas services (ranked by revenue and market share). Hanover grew into the industry leader of natural gas handling services in 1995, went public on the NYSE in 1997, and by 2002 employed over 5,000 people in 28 countries generating over $1.2 Billion in revenue. Valerus proved to be another success, as the start-up company quickly grew into the world’s second largest natural gas handling service provider with under-roof fabrication area of hundreds of thousands of square feet. McGhan will oversee the Company’s manufacturing and exploitation of its first-to-market, patented, portable exhaust gas compression and injection equipment in EOR-worthy oil fields.
  • Daniel S. Kulka – Co-Founder and CEO, has over 30 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, and is a gas injection EOR expert who previously managed an EOR Joint Venture with Shell Oil Noreast, American Natural Resources Pipeline and Gas Storage Companies (ANR), and Forcenergy, Inc. to exploit the depleted Niagaran Reefs of Northern Michigan using Methane gas. Kulka has developed numerous oil and gas exploration projects on the Niagaran Reefs, Trenton Black River and Antrim Shale formations in Michigan and will use those lessons learned to optimize implementation of exhaust gas injection CO2 EOR in EOR-worthy oil reservoirs contracted by Fossil Bay and the EOR America Fund. https://www.linkedin.com/profile
  • Larry Shultz – Co-Founder and Chairman, has over 12 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas Industry developing clean-energy solutions to oil-field problems, including as co-developer (with oil refinery veteran Glenn McGinnis and SRS International) of one of the world’s only water-less bitumen-extraction process that was licensed to a major Utah tar-sands property owner with 200-million BOE proved bitumen reserves (see: http://larryshultz.com/index.php/bitumen-oil-extraction/ ). Shultz wrote and created the Fossil Bay Energy and EOR America Fund business plans, financial models and cash-flow analyses that confirmed the business models’ ability to generate high-yield ROIs and hundreds of millions of dollars in after-royalty EOR profits to investors over an 8-year term for each 50-well EOR investment Fund. https://www.linkedin.com/in/larry777
  • Todd Rutherford – VP Operations, has over 30 years executive experience in the Oilfield Services Industry with extensive knowledge of domestic and international engineering, manufacturing, operations, business development and sales of gas compression and oil field equipment and services.  Rutherford was an original co-founder of Valerus Compression Services, having worked with Mike McGhan at Hanover since 1995. As Vice President of International Operations, Rutherford helped Hanover expand into over 25 countries, with 3,000 international employees, producing international revenues of more than $300 million.  At Valerus, Rutherford managed the Sales & Operations of the International Division through 2009 with revenues exceeding $200 million. In 2013, Rutherford co-founded SPEC Americas LLC, an oilfield manufacturing Company; where-by they grew revenues in the first year to $12 million. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/todd-rutherford/20/21b/950


  • Alvin R. Hosking — Director of Geosciences – commenced his geophysical career in 1963 with the French Petroleum Company in Australia and developed the oil industry’s now industry-standard “refraction static” technique to resolve the near surface induced misalignment land of seismic traces in multi-coverage acquisition. In 1977 he formed a full service geophysical company, Hosking Geophysical Corporation based in Michigan, USA with offices established in Australia, Texas, Louisiana and Mexico. He currently consults for TransCanada and DTE Energy’s Gas Storage Groups and spent three years working for Mr. Kulka and Shell Oil’s EOR group in the late 1990’s.
  • Anil Kumar, PhD – Director of EOR Development, has a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University where he published the research monograph in 1973 titled: “Gas Well Test Analysis Under Water Drive Conditions”. He holds several honors from the Society of Petroleum Engineers International including SPE Distinguished Lecturer, SPE Reservoir Engineering Award, SPE Distinguished Member, and SPEI Board of Director. Dr Kumar will assume the role of Director of EOR Reservoir Development for EOR America, and has held roles as Senior V.P. at Reliance Industries limited; Vice President, M&A for WellSpring Partners; Reservoir Engineering Consultant for Devon Energy of Indonesia and PetroChina Int’l Ltd. among other positions. He has led reservoir engineering activities for the development of over $1 Billion in projects over his career, optimizing yields, improving production, and managing the reserves for both gas (CO2,CH4) and water injection projects in the United States, Africa, Indonesia, and the Indian subcontinent. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/anil-kumar/19/17b/834
  • Dean Bohjanen – Geologist – is a MIT graduate Geologist with over 35 years of oil and gas experience working the sedimentary basins of the U. S and Australia with emphasis in Michigan. Mr. Bohjanen is a proven expert in well log interpolation and structure geology. Over the years, Dean has assembled the most comprehensive interactive structural mapping data base in Michigan of the Silurian Niagaran Reefs. This data base has proven to be a valuable resource in the evaluation of wellbores and oil fields for the Fund to buy old plugged and abandoned leases in the Michigan Reefs.