Fossil Bay Energy is an emerging leader in high-spec Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology and equipment, fielding the oil industry’s next-generation fleet of portable exhaust gas processors (EGP) for CO2-EOR: Bringing, portable, low-cost, high volume exhaust gas CO2-EOR opportunities to the mature oil fields of the U.S that are not served by CO2 pipelines.

The Company’s focus as an “Oil Producer” is to re-pressurize pressure-depleted mature oil fields that have 75% of their Original oil In Place “stranded” due to lack of Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP).

Field Re-Development begins with implementing the best engineering practices for gas injection EOR, optimally matched to the geological characteristics of the target oil fields.

This includes 3-D Seismic, Eclipse/Petroil Reservoir Modeling, Horizontal Wellbores, Chemical Injection, and Pressure Maintenance applications.